What is Bitcoin Gold?

The recent idea of Bitcoin Gold has again sparked controversy in the digital currency market. Bitcoin Gold, which is supported by a group of investors and miners, can be implemented soon.

It is expected that the miners who have technological difficulties in producing bitcoins will move to Bitcoin Gold where they can make production more easily due to the change in the production algorithm.

In this way, Bitcoin Gold will try to compete with Bitcoin Cash which was previously allocated.

The waters in Bitcoin will not settle down anytime soon. Bitcoin Gold to occur around 25 October to wait.

But before October 18, a new version of Bitcoin will come with the SegWit2x update. This version is expected to be more secure and faster. But it is said that there are problems in these issues.

A company that holds more than 83% of Bitcoin’s mining power supports the update for November, while the Bitcoin core development team wants to wait until a complete compromise is reached. Some details of the new software also have some disagreements


A block will be selected for the implementation of the bifurcation on October 25, according to the plan published by Bitcoin Gold developers on their website.

However, this does not mean that the koi will be released on the same day. On October 25, the Bitcoin block chain will be frozen for Bitcoin Gold. Then Bitcoin Gold will start building its own block chain.

According to the current plan, Bitcoin Gold will be released at the beginning of November. This means that the new koine block chain will not have any block for 1 week.

Bitcoin Gold developers will build a test network towards the end of September, and then develop the software they developed.

In short, Bitcoin Gold is an innovation that will bring some changes to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

If you have Bitcoin, there’s nothing you need to be afraid of, maybe even kork free money ’might be waiting for you! But if you’re a stock market or wallet developer,

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