Illinois Looks Hot on Tax Payments with Bitcoin

Illinois has also joined an increasing number of US states, which are trying to open the way to allow the payment of taxes with crypto currencies.

The bill was first introduced in February and recently introduced to the Revenue and Finance Committee.

The language of the Illinois criterion, proposed by Representative Michael J. Zalewski and presented at the outset on February 15, is that the tax officers want the crypto-treaty to accept and convert payments into US dollars in one day, but reflect the other two proposals.

According to public records, on March 5, the House was forwarded and negotiated to the Illinois House Revenue and Finance Committee. As in the bill in Georgia, it is necessary to see whether the legislation will attract attention in Arizona. This measure is currently being evaluated by the House of Representatives. CoinDesk reported earlier that the Senate members of Arizona had accepted the 16-13 vote bill on 8 February

Illinois moves to take a position between states to lead the technology, including, but not limited to, the block chain. For example, the city of Chicago is on Amazon’s second headquarters list. While Amazon has so far used more than 10,000 employees in Windy City on full-time basis, the Amazon H212 has started to invest more than 50,000 jobs and billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative consists of state and provincial agencies dedicated to discovering how the block chain can support government services.

And Illinois Blockchain and the Delegated Task Force have recently published a report to the General Assembly. The report stresses the ways in which the government can use the block chain as a “cheaper and safer way to manage the government”.

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