Australians to Buy BTC and ETH in Newspaper Dealers

The Australian crypto money trading site has launched a new service that citizens can buy from Bitcoins and Ether for Fiat. Since March 1, this service has become available in more than 1200 newsstands.

When your product is completely digital, it can be difficult to trust consumers, because there is no tangible product. Using newsagents provides consumers with a convenient and reliable way for investors to buy cryptocracy. Traditionally, people who knew or wanted to buy Ethereum were previously Bitcoin. But now that secret encryption is better known, we find that Ethereum’s cheaper price point is a more digestible value proposition for buyers.
Rupert Hackett
CEO, Bitcoin. Com. au

It is enough for users to register their wallets to sell crypto to reporters participating in the program. Hackett will scan the QR code at the time of purchase and will then transfer the relevant amount of coins within 20 minutes. The minimum purchase amount is AUD 50 (approx. $ 39). commission is 5%.

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